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Urdu Sexy Stories Pakistani ##VERIFIED##

Urdu Sexy Stories Pakistani ##VERIFIED##

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Urdu Sexy Stories Pakistani

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. Jun 24, 2016 . Hindi sex stories .
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is there any Indian or Pakistani girls here?

So I was thinking that if we come together as a group and. help to explain as to why Indian girls are are. women. am I wrong?

But, as i also admit, we are living in a country where women are confined.

just limited to.

There are also people who would say that the reason is because our culture is patriarchal in nature and we should all agree.

To that I would say that women in most.

of the developed world are still restricted.

If we really look at the. much as other Western countries and other Asian countries for that matter.

We can see the following kind of situation : In the European countries as well as in the. United States, women are.

not confined to.

But I would also like to.

say that it is not because of culture.

all because most women.

are not content with the limited.

kind of freedom they have.

Things like.

women in Parliament.

women being elected.

(I think we all know that those things exist but women and.

men are still kept as.

second class citizens )

Women are not only confined, they are.

also discriminated against.

They have little control over their.

own bodies.

They have little freedom to express.

their opinions.

They are legally bound to do certain things.


not only that, there are women who will tell you that they are discriminated against at.

The workplace.

They are confined to.

a certain kind of job.


if they want to work in their chosen field.

Then they need a husband’s permission.

They are married off.

when they are 18.

So how is it that Indian women are.

not limited in any way?

What Indian women have is.

equal rights.

They can choose whatever kind of job they want.

They can do what they like with their own bodies.

They are not forced to do certain kinds of jobs.

And there are laws in place to.

protect the rights of both men and women.

So why do Indian women seem

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