July 13, 2022

ZIP5Demographic ZIP Code Database For Windows (Latest)

Our ZIP5Demographic database is a ZIP Code and demographics database that includes licensed USPS data and 80 demographic elements.
Demographic attributes include race, age, income, household size, house value, population figures and number of businesses, employees and payroll. Demographics are provided for ZIP Code and counties.
Additional information related to CBSA, MSA, PMSA, MSA and CSA’s is also included. Product is instant download and has a 30 day money back guarantee.
Typical uses for the data includes reducing or eliminating incorrect data entry or even generating lists of zip codes that reside within specific counties, states, . . . etc.
This database will also enable you to do things such as: adding a search function to your web site so that your customers can locate your closest store; segmenting your customer lists by attributes such as race, age, home value, average household size, median household income, population, . . . etc.
This database includes over 79,000 ZIP Code records, 80 data elements and you receive free monthly updates for a year so you know that you have the most up to date data available.
Limitations: Demo data limited to 163 ZIP Code records.







ZIP5Demographic ZIP Code Database PC/Windows

You’re sure to find the ZIP5Demographic database very useful when you want to locate the nearest zip codes. It’s a very simple and easy to use collection of zip code records and data elements. ZIP5Demographic is a ready to use zip code and demographics database. It has 150 zip code records, 19 data elements and 11 demographic records (race, age, gender, household size, house value and population). It is 100% complete and uses the correct address for every ZIP Code. ZIP5Demographic is an instant download so there is no risk when you buy it. All searches are performed using the correct address. ZIP5Demographic is updated monthly so it has the most up to date data available. Demo data is limited to 163 records.
ZIP5Demographic can be used in such ways as: 1) generating a list of zip codes that you want to offer free office locations to, 2) generating a list of counties that have specific zip codes that you want to be listed as available locations, 3) generating reports that you want to run on a regular basis, 4) removing erroneous or incomplete data from your current database, 5) locating businesses, employees, and/or payroll in your area, and 6) reducing data entry in your company.
ZIP5Demographic changes with each new release to include new or updated zip code and demographic data. You receive free updates for a year. If you find errors in the data, email us at sales@uszip5demo.com and we will correct it as soon as possible.
*Available for $59.00

Public Data by County

ZIP5Demographic’s county and state public data can be used to establish your own community demographics, run reports, and generate custom databases. Demo data is only $4.95 for unlimited access.
ZIP5Demographic’s county public data contains:
–The U.S. Census Bureau’s block-level U.S. Census (2000 and 2010), ACS (2005-Current), and American Community Survey (ACS) data.
–All county and state demographic records, including: gender, race, household size, median household income, number of households, population, and median age.
–Deatils related to the U.S. Census Bureau’s poverty report.
–Estimate ZIP Code data for all counties and states in the United States.
–Estimate data for specific zip

ZIP5Demographic ZIP Code Database With Registration Code

The ZIP5Demographic database is a ZIP code database with 80 data elements, that allow you to quickly and easily access data from the most comprehensive geographic database for the United States.
Each record includes USPS post office locations, addresses, area codes, latitude/longitude, population figures, business information, employment information, household sizes, types, religions, and tax rates for each census tract (county, state,… etc) inside or that falls inside a certain county, state,… etc.
Each record also includes population figures, business names, and business owners/employees who live inside a specific ZIP Code.
So, if you are looking to identify a list of ZIP Codes that are contained within a specific county, state,… etc. the ZIP5Demographic database is the perfect solution.
Additional Information:
The ZIP5Demographic database is a ZIP Code database, that includes post office locations, addresses, area codes, latitude/longitude, population figures, business information, employment information, household sizes, types, religions, and tax rates.
Each record also includes population figures, business names, and business owners/employees who live inside a specific ZIP Code.
The ZIP5Demographic database is no longer being updated after June 2015.
If you would like to continue to receive the monthly updates that were mailed to you in the past, please use the data that was currently available at the time that you subscribed or return to our website.
If you currently have an active Datafeed Account, you must upgrade to a newer version of the ZIP5Demographic database.
You can upgrade any time.
If you have any questions, please call our customer service hotline at (888) 674-4732.
ZIP5Demographic Price: $49.00

CountryData is a source of comprehensive geo-coding and demographics for more than 160 countries. Its content is published in three languages: English, German and Spanish. The data is updated quarterly and the database and the web services are free for users.

CountryData allows to easily find business information and services within a country. It can be used to determine the overall economic position of a country within the world.

CountryData not only contains information on places and geography, it also contains information on people. Population data and demographics for over 160 countries are included, as well as information on economy, society and culture. The database is updated and published in three languages: English,

ZIP5Demographic ZIP Code Database Serial Number Full Torrent

This ZIP5Demographic ZIP Code DataBase is a second generation ZIP Code and demographic database that includes licensed USPS data and 80 demographic elements. Demographics are provided for ZIP Code and counties.
The database has been designed to be used with or without the USPS API.
The database also includes additional information including:
• The Census Bureau MSA and CBSA’s
• Internal Geodemographic elements
• The Postal Service PMSA’s

Other databases that can be downloaded:
• Canada Addresses
• Canada Posting Slips
• Canada Posting Data
• United States Addresses
• United States Airmail Data
• United States Postal Service API
• United States Postal Service CSV File
• United States ZIP Code List
• United States ZIP code Demographics

To order, click the link below:

Contact Information:
To order the database, go to:

For questions, contact

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What’s New In ZIP5Demographic ZIP Code Database?

The ZIP5Demographic data consists of ZIP Codes and 80 demographic elements. This product is considered a condensed version of the complete ZIP5Demographic database and provides only a subset of the data found in the complete database. It is a very useful product because it provides you with the correct ZIP Code name, but it has less information than the complete ZIP5Demographic database.
Record values:
ZIP5Demographic entries are made up of a unique 5-digit ZIP Code and 40 demographic elements. The ZIP Code is always the last item on the line and the 40 elements can be found on the line immediately preceding the ZIP Code. The number of elements and the number of lines is dependent upon the data type. The count of these elements and lines are included in the Count column.
How this is used:
This product is a useful data base to categorize or segment your list by zip code. Each list will contain a unique list of zip codes that are found within a specific county, state or other political boundary.

Here is an example of the data type showing all 4 data items and the zip code for each record:

Record 1 data:

00161 8101

Record 2 data:

00162 8102

Record 3 data:

00163 8103

Record 4 data:

00164 8104

Record 5 data:

00165 8105


System Requirements For ZIP5Demographic ZIP Code Database:

•Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 (32-bit)
•1.8 GHz processor
•1 GB RAM (2 GB for the 64-bit version)
•3GB free hard disk space
•DirectX 9.0c
•Windows Media Player 9.0 or greater
•50MB available disk space to install game
•Note: If you experience any issues installing the game, try restarting your computer and installing the game again.
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