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India produces some of the most promising young sporting talent at our schools or national levels.  Unfortunately, very few of these sportspersons can excel at the international stage.  Many of them give up their sporting ambitions by the time they reach class 12th or soon after.  Playing college sports provides a great option to pursue sports and academics simultaneously.   Proficiency in sports can be a methodical path to admission along with the possibility of a lucrative scholarship.  College sports around the world is regulated, competitive, and a rewarding opportunity for students while pursuing a valuable degree.  The sports admissions process is a highly selective process and follows a route much different than an academic admissions process.   Early development, excellence in sports and academics is the key to gain sports admission to a college anywhere in the world including India, USA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCASE Services include:

  • College Sports Admission Services
  • Athlete Development Program
  • Academic Counselling
  • Sports Management
  • Showcase Events, Identification Camps and College Discovery Tours

Football Delhi recognizes the need to provide holistic development to young and aspiring football players and the partnership with CASE is an effort in this direction.   Young players must learn to balance academics and sports, and this will help improve their chances of playing the sport for a longer duration, all through college and beyond.  Football Delhi plans to work closely with CASE to create programs which include guidance for co-existence of academics and sports, understanding the mental and physical aspect of the sport, and sharing international perspectives and experiences by CASE mentors

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