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(Parents and Spectators)

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game. Football Delhi is trying to ensure football can be enjoyed in a safe, positive environment. Remember children’s football is a time for them to develop their technical, physical, tactical and social skills. Winning isn’t everything.
Play your part and observe the Code of Conduct for Spectators and Parents at all times.
I will:
✓ Remember that children play for FUN.
✓ Applaud effort and good play as well as success.
✓ Always respect the match officials’ decisions.
✓ Remain outside the field of play and within the Designated Spectators’ Area (where provided).
✓ Let the coach do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to do.
✓ Encourage the players to respect the opposition, referee and match officials.
✓ Avoid criticising a player for making a mistake – mistakes are part of learning. ✓ Congratulate both teams irrespective of the result of the match.
✓ Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting, or abusive language or behaviour. ✓ Support, encourage and help volunteers, coaches, organisers and officials in their work. Without them, the children would not have the opportunity to play football.


(Coaches / Team Officials)

The coach has a great influence over young players involved in grassroots football. From the very fact that coach spend a lot of time with the children, their own conduct and behaviour will inevitably affect the attitudes and conduct of the children. For this reason, the coach must always maintain a positive manner and display an exemplary attitude to all participants, both in physical respects as well as in social and emotional relationships.
Play your part and observe Football Delhi’s Code of Conduct in everything you do.
On and off the field, I will:
✓ Show respect to others involved in the game including match officials, opposition players, coaches, managers, officials and spectators
✓ Adhere to the laws and spirit of the game
✓ Promote Fair Play and high standards of behaviour
✓ Always respect the match official’s decision
✓ Never enter the field of play without the referee’s permission
✓ Never engage in public criticism of the match officials
✓ Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour.
When working with players, I will:
✓ Place the well-being, safety and enjoyment of each player above everything, including winning.
✓ Explain exactly what I expect of players and what they can expect from me.
✓ Ensure all parents/carers of all players under the age of 18 understand these expectations
✓ Never engage in or tolerate any form of bullying
✓ Develop mutual trust and respect with every player to build their self-esteem
✓ Encourage each player to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance
✓ Ensure all activities I organise are appropriate for the players’ ability level, age and maturity
✓ Co-operate fully with others in football (e.g. officials, doctors, physiotherapists) for each player’s best interests.




We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game. As a player, you have a big part to play. That’s why Football Delhi is asking every player to follow the Code of Conduct.
When playing football, I will:
✓ Always play to the best of my ability.
✓ Play fairly – I won’t cheat, complain or waste time.
✓ Fit into the group and be a good teammate.
✓ Respect my team-mates, the other team, the referee or my coach/manager.
✓ Play by the rules, as directed by the referee.
✓ Shake hands with the other team and referee at the end of the game.
✓ Listen and respond to what my coach/team manager tells me.
✓ Talk to someone I trust if I’m unhappy about anything in my team.


  • : Be a Volunteer
  • Work With Us
  • Fund/ Donate an Activity
  • Be a Scout