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Football Delhi launches “Gift A Ball” Campaign to Encourage and Empower Girls from Underprivile

Football Delhi – Press Release (8th Feb 2021)

Football Delhi to kick off competition calendar from 15th March, exactly after a gap of 12 mont


106 March 2020FRI11:15 AMHOPS FC vs Garhwal Women FCADDA, Jasola
206 March 2020FRI1:30 PMAhbab FC vs Delhi Student FCADDA, Jasola
307 March 2020SAT2:00 PMHans Women FC vs Jaguar FCAJDMC
407 March 2020SAT4:00 PMFriends United vs Girls United FCBJDMC
508 March 2020SUN11:15 AMHindustan FC vs Punjab Heroes FCBDDA, Jasola
608 March 2020SUN1:30 PMYoungmen SC vs Eves Soccer ClubBDDA, Jasola
708 March 2020SUN12:30 PMGarhwal Women FC vs Ahbab FCAJNS
811 March 2020WED11:15 AMGrowing Star SC vs HOPS FCADDA, Jasola
911 March 2020WED2:00 PMDelhi Student FC vs Hans Women FCAJDMC
1011 March 2020WED4:00 PM Eves Soccer Clubvs Hindustan FCBJDMC
1111 March 2020WED2:00 PMPunjab Heroes FC vs Friends UnitedBTBC
1211 March 2020WED4:00 PMGirls United FC vs Royal Rangers FCBTBC
1313 March 2020FRI11:15 AMAhbab FC vs Growing Star SCADDA, Jasola
1413 March 2020FRI1:30 PMHans Women FC vs Garhwal Women FCADDA, Jasola
1513 March 2020FRI2:00 PMJaguar FC vs Delhi Student FCAJDMC
1613 March 2020FRI4:00 PMRoyal Rangers FC vs Punjab Heroes FCBJDMC
1713 March 2020FRI2:00 PMFriends United vs Eves Soccer ClubBTBC
1813 March 2020FRI4:00 PMHindustan FC vs Youngmen SCBTBC
1915 March 2020SUN11:15 AMGrowing Star SC vs Hans Women FCADDA, Jasola
2015 March 2020SUN1:30 PMGarhwal Women FC vs Jaguar FCADDA, Jasola
2115 March 2020SUN12:30 PMHOPS FC vs Ahbab FCAJNS
2217 March 2020TUE11:15 AMYoungmen SC vs Friends UnitedBDDA, Jasola
2317 March 2020TUE1:30 PM Eves Soccer Clubvs Royal Rangers FCBDDA, Jasola
2417 March 2020TUE2:00 PMPunjab Heroes FC vs Girls United FCBJDMC
2517 March 2020TUE4:00 PMHans Women FC vs HOPS FCAJDMC
2617 March 2020TUE2:00 PMJaguar FC vs Growing Star SCATBC
2717 March 2020TUE4:00 PMDelhi Student FC vs Garhwal Women FCATBC
2819 March 2020THU11:15 AMGirls United FC vs Eves Soccer ClubBDDA, Jasola
2919 March 2020THU1:30 PMRoyal Rangers FC vs Youngmen SCBDDA, Jasola
3019 March 2020THU2:00 PMFriends United vs Hindustan FCBJDMC
3119 March 2020THU4:00 PMGrowing Star SC vs Delhi Student FCAJDMC
3219 March 2020THU2:00 PMHOPS FC vs Jaguar FCATBC
3319 March 2020THU4:00 PMAhbab FC vs Hans Women FCATBC
3421 March 2020SAT11:15 AMHindustan FC vs Royal Rangers FCBDDA, Jasola
3521 March 2020SAT2:00 PMYoungmen SC vs Girls United FCBJDMC
3621 March 2020SAT4:00 PM Eves Soccer Clubvs Punjab Heroes FCBJDMC
3721 March 2020SAT2:00 PMJaguar FC vs Ahbab FCATBC
3821 March 2020SAT4:00 PMDelhi Student FC vs HOPS FCATBC
3921 March 2020MON2:00 PMGarhwal Women FC vs Growing Star SCAJDMC
4023 March 2020MON4:00 PMPunjab Heroes FC vs Youngmen SCBJDMC
4123 March 2020MON2:00 PMGirls United FC vs Hindustan FCBTBC
4223 March 2020MON4:00 PMRoyal Rangers FC vs Friends UnitedBTBC
JDMC: Janki Devi Memorial College
DDA, Jasola: DDA Sports Complex, Jasola
JNS: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
TBC: To Be Confirmed


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