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This year, many people have faced serious challenges to their mental health. Along with the health impacts of the disease, COVID-19 has led to, self and social isolation, disconnection from family and friends, quarantine and lockdowns on movement resulting in more people than ever experiencing feelings of helplessness, isolation, grief, anxiety and depression. Demand for health support services has increased exponentially as a result.

We, at Football Delhi are concerned about the impact of this situation on the mental health of our football fraternity. Referees, players, coaches, officials, administrators, fans are missing the action on field, and are not able to utilise their talents fully, sitting at home. This has generated a sense of frustration and helplessness.

We are launching “Mind Goals” as an effort to improve the mental well-being and motivation of all persons in our football fraternity, and impart them with a sense of hope.

“Scoring goals in football is a step towards winning the match, while scoring MIND GOALS is a step towards winning in life.”

We wish to achieve this, with the help of Mental Health Experts, who can empower and uplift our community through a Series of Expert Talks.


The main objectives of our initiative are:

  • Creating awareness among our football fraternity about Mental Health, Mental Well-Being
  • Breaking barriers in their mind to promote health seeking behaviour
  • Motivating them and uplifting their spirits about a sense of hope for their future and careers
  • Realigning their thought process and educating them about coping mechanisms of Mental Illness
  • Quoting real life relatable examples (Case Studies) of people like them who have recovered from such illness


Starting from 29 May 2021, this campaign runs till 14 August 2021 – An Expert Talk will be conducted every weekend. Confirmed Schedule for the first 5 weeks is:




Expert Name

Expert Designation


29th May

6 pm

Discovery Sport & Performance Lab

Sahen Gupta

Sport & Performance Psychologist (Founder, Discovery SPL)

An Introduction to Mental Health
Anxiety: When am I feeling it? How to manage it?

5th June

4 pm

Simply Sport Foundation

Amruta Karkhanis Deshmukh

Sports Psychologist

Psychological impact caused by the pandemic and how to identify them

19th June

4 pm

Simply Sport Foundation

Amruta Karkhanis Deshmukh

Sports Psychologist

Stress Management and Redefining our Mental Health Strategies

20th June

4:30 pm

Brain Education (Qatar Foundation)

Mohammed Abu Zeinab

Master Brain Trainer, Founder & Regional Director Brain Education Middle East

SBM - Relax & Re-Set Mind

26th June

6 pm 

Discovery Sport & Performance Lab

Sahen Gupta 

Sport & Performance Psychologist (Founder, Discovery SPL)

Sporting Resilience: How to use it to recalibrate?

27th June

4:30 pm

Brain Education (Qatar Foundation)

Mohammed Abu Zeinab

Master Brain Trainer, Founder & Regional Director Brain Education Middle East

GUT - Happy Gut, Happy Mind

Register yourself here:

Sahen Gupta

Sport & Performance Psychologist (Founder, Discovery SPL)


Amruta Karkhanis Deshmukh

Sports Psychologist, Simply Sport



Ceritified Sports & Performance Psychologist, Founder of Win Within



Sports & Exercise Psychologist, Founder of MindFirst Performance Psychology Consulting


Martin Fairn

Founding Partner and CEO at Gazing Performance Systems


Bede Brosnahan

Director of Operations, Gazing Performance Systems



Interdisciplinary Mental Health Researcher, Specialist in Biopsychology of Stress


Vijay Lokapally

Senior Sports Journalist


Neha Shah

Head of Projects, Poddar Foundation


Kunashni Parikh

Sports Psychologist, Mental Health Counsellor


Mohammed Abu Zeinab

Master Brain Trainer, Founder Brain Education – Middle East


Dr Flomny Menon

Wellness Expert, Author, Motivational Speaker

1.Reech Sports Ltd (UK)
Reech Sports is a UK based Sports Infrastructure Design and Development and a Business Management company that specialises in the design, development and business management of sports facilities. They been working with a number of community trusts and foundations to help develop and install bespoke Multi Use Sports Areas (MUSA), which cater to the wider community including those with disabilities. Website:

2.Simply Sport Foundation

Founded in 2020 in Bangalore, Simply Sport believe sports can be an effective tool for the development of the nation with focus on policy research, grassroot development and athlete development. Sports can be a huge enabler for millions of people in India and they want to play a role of a catalyst in making this happen.

Lead Expert: Amruta Karkhanis Deshmukh Website:

3.Discovery Sport & Performance Lab, UK

Discovery has international collaboration for experts using advanced sport psychology to develop balanced high performance. At Discovery it’s all about balance and healthy high performance. They help athletes develop motivation, self-talk, imagery, confidence and other mental skills for enhancing performance

Motto: :Strategic Balance of Mental Health and High-Performance using Sport Psychology. Lead Expert: :Sahen Gupta Website:

4.Poddar Foundation (India)

DPoddar Foundation focuses on the growing mental health concerns by creating preventive mental health programs for the nation. Their mission is to create awareness about mental health disorders in order to prevent, identify and manage mental health disharmonies.They have been working with Government Schools, Private schools, Schools for special children, Aanganwadi, Grampanchayats in various parts of Rural Maharashtra, with Police, Jail inmates SHG NGO's BMC Employees, and many other target beneficiaries.

Lead Expert: :Neha Shah Website:

5.Gazing (UK)

Gazing trains people to develop the Structures, Skillset and Mindset that increase one’s threshold for pressure and allows to perform when one needs it most. The Gazing Red2Blue framework and methodology helps people to focus on clear thinking under pressure and be able to make good decisions. They focus on the different types of pressure and mental challenges coaches are currently facing and how this can sometimes have a negative impact on performance. They help people to learn and develop the mental skills for identifying triggers for “red head” behaviour and identifying how to move yourself from the ‘red to the blue’.

Lead Expert: :Martin Fairn& Bede Brosnahan Website:

6.MindFirst Performance Psychology Consulting (India)

MindFirst Performance Psychology Consulting is a high performance consultancy focusing on developing potentials of athletes and performers by training their mind. Their key objective is to enhance performance at grass-root or elite levels through psychological interventions. Their dream mission is to ensure every team- sport, business or any performance oriented group- has a sport or performance psychologist as a part of their support squad.

Lead Expert: : Varadayini Website:

7.Win Within (India)

Win Within is a Sport psychology & high-performance consultancy with the vision of training athletes to be relentless.

Lead Expert: : Priyavrindha

6.MindFirst Performance Psychology Consulting (India)

Brain Education™ (BE) is a 5-step method to awaken the brain and stabilize brainwaves utilizing music, movement and positive messages. It helps produce hormones (Serotonin and Dopamine) to relieve stress and improves brain function to enhance the body’s immune system. The BE method is easy to follow and anyone can make it a practice. It is a world-recognized and effective exercise for the brain, producing great results in stress-management, self-development, diet and health for our modern lifestyle. Brain Education™ (BE) is a 5-step method for creating health, happiness, optimal achievement, and peacefulness through better self-management of the brain.Brain Education will host its session on its digital destination, Education City. On the Education City app, one can join a language class, participate in a home workout session, enjoy an interactive tour in Qur’anic botanic garden, or attend a music concert from the comfort of one’s couch.

Lead Expert: : Mohammed Abu Zeinab Website:

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