July 6, 2021

Press Release: Football Delhi to Launch “37 Plus League” on Delhi Football Day

Press Release:

Football Delhi to Launch “37 Plus League” on Delhi Football Day

New Delhi, July 5: Football Delhi in its Executive Committee on 4th July 2021 decided to launch “37 Plus League” involving retired players from 3rd August 2021 (Delhi Football Day).

Delhi Football Day is celebrated by Football Delhi every year since 2018, the birthday of Sunil Chhetri.
As Indian National Team Captain, Sunil Chhetri is turning 37 on 3rd August 2021, we named the league “37 Plus League” in his honour. This league will be played on Saturdays and Sundays, lasting 8-10 weeks with 8-10 teams.

Football Delhi President, Shaji Prabhakaran stated, “37 Plus League is yet another initiative of Football Delhi to actively promote football in Delhi and with the start of this league retired players in Delhi will have a platform to come together and express their love, passion, experience, and continue to be active with the game. Further, it is our honour and privilege to celebrate the Football Delhi Day on 3rd August, the birthday of captain fantastic Sunil Chhetri and celebrating his achievements we are launching this initiative will greatly motivate 37 plus age group to remain physically active through football as Sunil is an inspiring leader on and off the pitch, still performing like a 25-year-old for Indian National Team and BFC.”

He added, “As pandemic is still around, we wanted to resume our football activities without much delay, taking minimum risk, we found this age group with low risk because of vaccination. Further, former players have a great desire to see a football rise in the capital city and through this platform these retired players can share their ideas and get actively involved in the growth of the game. We want more and more former players to be involved with our activities in Delhi.”

Executive Committee also decided to start the qualifying competition for interested Senior Division League clubs from 20th July to nominate two teams from Delhi in the 2nd Division I-League Competition to be held in Bengaluru.

Further, exco approved the organisation of the second season of Futsal League in Delhi from first week of September 2021 and the winning team will be nominated to play in the National Futsal Championship organised by AIFF in October 2021.

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