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FD and Sporjo have come together to help sports enthusiasts in Delhi/NCR turn their passion into profession. Through Sporjo, FD would help non-football players (even players too) excel in sports management. This would be one of a kind partnership and service, by taking care of the profession side for the candidate.

What is Sporjo?

Sporjo is an online platform that intends to bridge the gap between candidates seeking for opportunities to work in the sports industry and professionals finding the perfect fit for their organisation. In order to create a well-developed ecosystem as any other industry.

Sporjo Process

The Sporjo process scientifically assesses a candidate’s personality and maps them to the right job, so that the candidates are set for success from day one.

STEP 1: SPORSCORR – An online assessment highlighting the job verticals suited for you

STEP 2: SPORCONSLT – Exclusive 1:1 consulting with an industry expert

STEP 3: SPORPREP – Online content modules and real-life projects

STEP 4: Apply for Jobs

Benefits of SPORJO

  • Highlights the right job verticals for the candidates they are most likely to succeed in
  • Exclusive 1:1 session with the industry best to guide the candidates
  • Online modules to prep the candidates for the challenges in sports
  • Live projects to test their knowledge and gain hands on experience

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