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Arafasoft E-Book Creator Download [April-2022]

Arafasoft E-Book Creator allows you to create PDF/EPUB/MOBI/AZW book files easily and rapidly.
It combines a PDF authoring tool and a 3G ebook reader.
It is a powerful and easy to use method to create EPUB3 books, a top ebook format that can be read on most ebook readers, tablet computers, smart phones and TVs.
It supports long document, table, image etc…The settings, documents can all be saved as presets.
Arafasoft E-Book Creator can combine plain text, HTML, PDF, EPUB, RTF, XML, Microsoft word document, flash animation, photo, IMG into one comprehensive ebook.
You can also export pdf,epub,azw,epub3,mobi,Mobi,HTML,RTF as one pdf file.
It supports text decoration in epub format.With the settings, you can customize the size of font, font color, font type, borders, background color, etc.
Arafasoft E-Book Creator can help you avoid the trouble of converting rich text to plain text for an ebook.
You can add video & sound files to the ebook without converting to PDF, you can add image files to the ebook without converting.
Arafasoft E-Book Creator Description:
Arafasoft E-Book Creator is an excellent ebook document authoring and creating tool, providing a complete solution to producing your own EPUB/MOBI/AZW file format, which can be shared around the world and read with eBook readers on all your devices.
Arazsoft E-Book Creator does not limit you to a set of templates. You can build your book from any of its 3,000+ building blocks.
Arafasoft E-Book Creator supports reading the book from any platforms such as your mobile phone,iPad,Book reader,Kindle,Sony ebook reader,Nook, or computer.
Arafasoft E-Book Creator Description:
Arafasoft E-Book Creator is a powerful and easy to use ebook document authoring tool, providing a complete solution to producing your own EPUB/MOBI/AZW file format, which can be shared around the world and read with eBook readers on all your devices.
Arafasoft E-Book Creator does not limit you to a set of templates. You can build your book from any of its 3,000+

Arafasoft E-Book Creator Crack Free Download

A e-Book is a book that is made for the Internet. It can be used as an extended e-Catalog, to be sold online, or as a popular e-Catalog for your online store. An e-Book is like an open book. The images, text and links are all visible. Unlike a print book, a pdf of an ebook is clickable.
Arafasoft E-Book Creator Free Download Free Download Links / Mirror:

Arafasoft E-Book Creator Free Download Links / Mirror:

Arafasoft E-Book Creator Full Latest Version Free Download

Arafasoft E-Book Creator has a very simple interface in which you can add a title page, a main-page, a cover, a body page, a footer and a book index. For each page of the book you can insert images, including your own images. You can also include font styles, headers and footers.
You can add your own customized fonts and style in the dialog box of E-Book Creator. Without any personal PDF generator or PDF editor, E-Book Creator is able to generate and render hundreds of pages of your book in any PDF format in a blink of an eye.
You can turn your pages in any PDF into a professional e-Catalog with E-Book Creator. With only a few clicks, you can add a title page, a header, a footer, a description, a cover image, and even an index page. You can even add e-Book links, download buttons, a splash screen, page numbers and more in your PDF.
AraEbook creator works with your version of Adobe Acrobat.

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Wondershare PDF Editor 2013 Features:
PDF Editor will read all PDF files and covert them as follows: One format conversion format.
Easily create PDF files.
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Arafasoft E-Book Creator

* Easily create a variety of different electronic books like eLearning or eManuals.
* You can decide when your book is ready. You will be notified before the book is ready for purchase.
* The user has the option to purchase the book online if there is no user intervention.
* Once the e-book is purchased, the title of the book will be created.
* It is possible to change the cover of the book at any time.
* It is possible to change the font type and font size of the book.
* Dynamic images and video clips can be added to the eBook.
* The logo and name of the book can be added to the eBook.
* The e-book can be published to PDF format, Rich Text Format (RTF) format and portable Document Format (PDF) format.
* The text can be separated into chapters and sections.
* You can create books in different resolutions.
* Used icon can be set for the e-book file.
* Allow the user to select the location to save the eBook.
* HTML file can be added to the eBook.
* All the necessary resources are included in the file.
* All images are stored in the eBook.
* All the pages in the eBook can be shared, modified and printed.
* Copy protection is supported to protect the contents of the eBook from any copying.
* The books created can be protected as digital-rights-managed or copy-protected eBooks.
* Pricing can be set for the book.
* Create eBook in all popular formats like PDF, HTML, RTF, TXT, GIF, JPEG etc.
* Create e-books in one click, without a lot of work.
* Create anything in a snap.
* Wonderful customer support to meet all your needs.

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What’s New In?

Arafasoft E-Book Creator is a useful and reliable application used to create electronic books in no time.
Create a Self-Executable eBooks with one click. Arafasoft E-Book Workshop converts HTML, TXT, all image files into stand-alone, compressed and encrypted eBooks, helps or presentations.
You can’t protect your Web site from CTRL-C (copy). To distribute a compact ebook from your Web site is a handy way for distributing protected information. Create E-Book with Background Sound and Splash screen Customize Icon For Your eBooks. At run time Arafasoft E-Book unpacks HTML Files in memory to protect them.
Arafasoft E-Book Creator Features:
The E-Book generation tool of Arafasoft E-Book Creator can help you to create and convert HTML, TXT, PDF and image files into eBooks in more than 50 languages. You can create Your eBooks in less than 15 minutes.
The HTML source is converted to E-book directly without converting it. Furthermore, you can convert any of the images by clicking on the image.
You can convert TXT files to E-book. You need not to write any code.
A variety of basic functions and high level functions are included.
It can create and convert eBooks of different types. You can convert files from your Web site like HTML, text, and images.
You can choose background sound and splash screen of Your eBooks.
Now Create Your E-Books with the help of Arafasoft E-Book Workshop.
Compressing and Encrypting Book Files:
You can reduce the size of your files by compressing them. You can use 7-zip and Winzip compression tool for compressing book files. You can encrypt your files by using the password.
Customize Icon:
You can customize your icons to Any size of any color.
Symbolic Font Support:
You can import and use the symbolic fonts. You can copy and paste the font into your document.
A Live CD (in English only):
This e-Book Creator’s design is not only good, but it is also easy to use it. You can use its self-contained Live CD or virtual CD environment to create, convert and unpack documents in different type of files. You can easily take advantage of the full capabilities of Live CD or virtual CD. The Live CD is self-contained. You just need


System Requirements For Arafasoft E-Book Creator:

– 64-bit processor
– 2 GB RAM
– 10 GB available space on the hard drive
– DirectX 9.0 or higher
– 128-bit processor
– 4 GB RAM
– 20 GB available space on the hard drive
– DirectX 10.0 or higher
Peripherals required:
– Mouse and keyboard
We will be collecting your name, username, and email address for the purposes of attending the beta test and publishing your feedback. We may be required