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Turn your mobile into a Skype phone today!
Because of the global coverage of Internet, Skype is the most widely accepted instant messaging and VoIP application. People call you on Skype, email you, read your messages, send you photo, listen to music, play games with you.
EpyxMobile allows you to make calls through Internet to the Skype users, but limited calls to non-Skype users. There is no special software requirement.
√ Now, you can make calls from anywhere in the world
√ You can receive calls from anywhere in the world
√ Unlimited calls for 3 months
√ Unlimited calls for 6 months
√ Unlimited calls for 9 months
√ Your calls are all cheap
√ For call inbound, NO Surcharge
√ You can listen music or watch movies
√ Save your money by buying a great line instead of a high cost one
√ Have your own phone number!
√ Your calls are all cheap!
√ Skype users will not pay a dime to call you, no matter where you are in the world
√ You can check your messages on any computer with a web browser
√ You can surf the web on any computer with a browser
√ You can use your mobile phone for navigation
√ Of course, it can also integrate the Skype’s call function
– Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
– Java Version 1.6.0_05 or later
– Internet Explorer Version 4.5 or later
We recommend you install Java version 1.6.0_05, so that you can receive calls.
Note: * Your mobile phone must be running on Data Network; otherwise, you are not able to receive calls
EpyxMobile is no spy application, and it doesn’t upload your IP address to some unknown server, neither does it disclose your information to any third party.
Microsoft Skype for Windows is a worldwide calling service available to users in more than 178 countries. By using Skype you may be subject to the Skype Terms of Use. Skype has a comprehensive privacy policy at
EpyxMobile is not developed by Skype team members.
EpyxMobile is distributed as freeware, you can have the full version freely.
Download the software from here:

EpyxMobile Free Registration Code Download

– Add a Skype account to your PyxMobile account
– Activate an app which uses the internet on your mobile and is kept in the shop
– Use the internet on your mobile to configure PyxMobile Settings

Chrystal Mobile Sync is an easy to use mobile device management (MDM) application that is in constant development. At the moment, this is a Windows only application and it only supports syncing with iPhone or Android phones. This application is a light weight application as it does not contain any heavy features like centrally controlled mobile device security or security features. The main focus of the application is to synchronise and help control various mobile devices connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN).
This application is designed to be used with mobile devices only. This software does not currently support ipad devices (on ipad it does not support flash or java), pc’s, Blackberrys or Windows Mobile devices.
Currently, these devices can be part of a local mobile device management or a cloud mobile device management service.
For example, a small business with a company-owned smartphone could use this application to synchronise business calendars, email messages and contacts. Furthermore, each of the users could be assigned a signature or photo that would be used in the email or contact list on the client device.
Similar to a computer, each device has a unique device id which is used throughout the application. These device ids are used on the local network where the device syncing is located or on the WAN where the devices are connected. If the device id is the same on the two networks, the device will auto-detect and synchronise with the new device.
The difference between the local device id and the WAN device id is that the WAN device id is stored on the WAN server. This application will check the WAN server for a new device and will automatically synchronise with the device if it finds it.
The device id can be found in many of the common file types used on mobile devices.
However, a device id is usually a combination of the following:
1. The system id of the device
2. The phone number and serial number
3. The brand and model number of the device
4. An uniqid string of any length
These device id’s are stored in the following files:
1. Config.xml is the main file for the application. It contains all of the client specific information that would


— Make unlimited calls from your mobile phone through the Internet to talk to any Skype user for (almost) free!
— A mobile phone with internet access
— If you do not have a mobile phone, you can still use the app by browsing to the web on your computer.
How It Works:
EpyxMobile connects your mobile phone (with internet access) to Skype and you become one of Skype’s many new beta testers. Once the connection is made, you can now make unlimited Skype to Skype calls and talk to all the Skype users in the world for (almost) free. With EpyxMobile, it does not matter if you’re on a business trip, or around the globe, as you will be able to make phone calls on your mobiles for (almost) free.
EpyxMobile allows you to make free mobile phone calls through your computer if you do not have a mobile phone and to make free calls through a mobile phone if you do not have Internet access on the phone.
Before making a call, you can:
■ check the call list of Skype or the contact list of your mobile phone
■ add a note to a particular call, such as who you will be speaking to, the topic of discussion and the length of the conversation
■ take notes on a call and add a new one
■ have Skype set up to ring on a specific number or to contact through your mobile phone
– Make free calls through the Internet on your mobile phone:
– Get free calls through your mobile phone:
– Save money on your mobile phone bill:
– Save money on the calls you make on your mobile phone:
– Save time on your mobile phone bill:
I am happy to announce that the sale of EpyxMobile is finished. I am happy that I was able to help people like you.
What’s New
Version 2.0.1:
– Bug fixes and enhancements.
How to install the app:
1. Download and install Skype
2. Start Skype
3. Click on “Phone”
4. The EpyxMobile screen will appear.
5. Enter the phone number of the person you want to call
6. The call will be placed
7. When the call is made, the EpyxMobile screen will appear again
EpyxMobile Purchase:
This app was made free of charge and is provided �

What’s New In EpyxMobile?

EpyxMobile is a free piece of software that connects your mobile phone to Skype. Make unlimited calls from your mobile phone through the Internet to talk to any Skype user for (almost) free! Would you like to receive calls through the Internet on your mobile? If you are willing to pay a little extra, Skype users will be able to call you on your mobile phone for (almost) free. Furthermore, with those friends and business clients who you call regularly, you will be able to call each other on your mobiles for (almost) free no matter where you are in the world. EpyxMobile created by Del Vincenzo,
8GB or 16GB of available storage.
Supported models:
■ Nokia 2, X series, X1, X2, Lumina, 700, 701, 810, 800, N8, Symbian S60v3, Symbian S60v5, Sony Ericsson K810i, K750i, Z710i, Z620, Sony Ericsson W880i, Sony Ericsson M520, M430, M500, M860, M500, M500, M620, M520, M530, M520, M520, M820, M820, M700, M730, M750, M500W, M730W, M740, M750W, M750W, M750B, M750W, M760i, M760i, M730i, M700i, M750i, M750i, M740i, M820i, M830, M350, M750, M730, M740, M750, M750, M750D, M760, M760i, M760i, M830, M830, M840, M750, M840, M840, M850, M860, M830i, M880, M900, M910, M935, M910i, M900i, M890, M950, M950, M930, M910u, M950u, M910p, M950p
-Some Symbian models may not be supported.
-Any kind of abuse against our software will result in suspension of all Skype accounts
-please note that Skype is totally free, and we do not have any way to control users’ usage of it
-EpyxMobile does not interfere with


System Requirements:

OS: XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (Minimum: 1.7GHz CPU, 384MB RAM)
Note: The game needs to be installed on the hard drive, not the C: drive. The game can’t be moved to another partition or an external drive.
Additional Notes:
Maxed out the video settings to the maximum level to remove ant-aliasing. Unfortunately, it makes the framerate considerably slower.
Spoke to my GPU, the GTX 460, about