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Presentations on a computer can now be performed without the physical presence of individuals, but group presentations also benefit from a whole range of applications. For instance, InkOnScreen is a nifty tool you can use to draw just about anything on screen to enhance live presentations.
Can be used on the go
The application is portable, and this means you can take it for a spin as soon as it reaches your computer. Additionally, you can have it stored on a thumb drive in case you want to have a presentation enhancement tool at hand at all times. Registry entries are not affected during runtime, so there’s no need to worry about affecting the target PC’s stability.
It minimizes to the tray area on launch, and interacting with it brings up a small menu which lets you start the whole process. During this time, you can’t interact with any other elements in the background, even though they’re visible. This slightly affects overall practicality, because you always need to switch between modes.
Different tools to work with
A pretty compact palette of options is put at your disposal, with several color selections to easily emphasize different regions of interest. Several different brush types are also available, but there’s no option to increase the size of the brush.
There are several more tools than just brushes. For instance, you can select particular regions and have them moved across the desktop, and even resized. A couple of erasers help either remove parts, or entire components. The missing tool here is the option to add text.
Sadly, drawings become invisible once you switch to desktop mode, and become visible once you enter edit mode. Everything is cleared at the press of a button, and there’s also the possibility to have the project saved as a JPG picture.
To end with
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that InkOnScreen is a suitable presentation enhancer, but not really packed with a great deal of tools to provide the flexibility you need. Unfortunately, you need to cease all other desktop activities, which is pretty disturbing, especially since drawings don’t remain visible when in desktop mode.







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What is InkOnScreen?
InkOnScreen is a small utility that allows you to
draw and define any picture on any area of your screen by using a digital pen. You can then
add a selection color, and move or resize your picture.
In general terms, InkOnScreen works as a drawing tool, but it is much more than
that. You can use it to enhance live presentations, and you can also have it
installed on a USB stick.

The app’s main window is composed of a palette with several buttons and a brush. After clicking on the palette, you’re presented with a window that contains the main controls, plus a palette of different tools (which are displayed in thumbnail mode).

The main window also displays the image you’re working on, and two buttons.
The first one is a “Draw” button, and the second one is a “Shape Selection” button.

You can also move your image by dragging it around the screen with the mouse, as well as resize it or the area it occupies. The interface is designed to be accessible even on mobile devices, with touch gestures at hand.

Image editing

While a lot of apps still have their limitations in this regard, InkOnScreen is equipped with a set of tools to make your work easier. For instance, you have the possibility to choose from a set of color options, you can create a selection, or delete the image you’re currently working on.

You can also change the image’s brightness or the size of the area it occupies.

You can start the process of resizing by simply clicking on a region of interest and drag it from the outset. There’s also a resizing function that lets you stretch the size of the picture along a specified axis.

You can even have the picture stacked, allowing you to view it from two different angles.

You can remove unwanted regions of the image by selecting the area with a digital pen, and then erasing it. This even includes overlaps.

There’s a button that lets you erase both overlapping regions, which is a useful function to have.

You can save your picture in many different ways. The simplest way to have your work backed up is by creating a JPG copy of the drawing.
Other options include

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InkOnScreen Cracked Accounts is a useful tool for presentations. Read our full InkOnScreen review to see how this software works and what you can expect from it.

Suggestions And Advice Provided By Real Customers

I have worked at a previous place of work and we had a large presentation every year. It was a huge burden not only on the person presenting but all the employees who attended and helped out. This was a large cost center that I hoped to reduce. I researched many tools to try and find one that would work but nothing seemed to be a good fit.
I found InkOnScreen on your website. It took a little time to master it and get the hang of it but once I did I began to realize how useful it was. I soon added to my presentation suite, it is a nice to have tool and I use it all the time. I would recommend this tool to any who work in an office setting. It is a great tool and would be appreciated by all.

Gina P

I have used this software to help me with my PPT presentations for the last two years and it has helped me and all my students be more creative, interactive and interactive. I highly recommend this software and would recommend it to anyone who needs it.

Tiffany M

Our remote client uses a lot of animations for demonstrations in a classroom. InkOnScreen helped us create a ton of different scenes without the need to create a separate file for each one. A plus is the super simple user interface that allowed us to create as many scenes as we wanted without having to sacrifice the software quality.
We are happy with our customer satisfaction and glad we were able to use this program to its full potential.

Sarah McCombs

I have been using InkOnScreen and love it. It saves me so much time and I love the quick response as well as the ease of use. When it comes to drawing, I feel more like a creative artist.

Kathleen N

We needed a quick way for our employees to add detailed arrows to our charts and InkOnScreen was just the ticket. This is a terrific tool that could not be easier to use.

Joshua K

I used this software to help me create a comic-book style outline for my PPT. It is a great alternative to Photoshop. It helps me think of what I need to include in my powerpoint. It also saves me a ton of time. This program is great to

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Based on the InkOnScreen paper application which runs in Microsoft Windows Operating System version 2 or higher, InkOnScreen has created a very easy-to-use presentation tool.
By using InkOnScreen, you can add hotspots, select objects to highlight or resize, rotate, move and rotate objects on the screen, as well as erase objects from the screen, scale objects on the screen, and share your screens with others.
A Windows application which enables you to share your screen with anyone over the Internet by simply clicking on its icon will surely help you promote your product, make presentations, and even create multimedia presentations.
About the Company:
InkOnScreen is developed and published by Iqclectech.com, Inc. Iqclectech.com, Inc. is a US based company with an established commitment to providing the best customer service experience. It has been in this field for more than ten years.
InkOnScreen Price:
InkOnScreen is available for $6.99 in the Mac App Store as a freeware, but is is available in the Windows app store for $9.99, or in the Google Play Store for $5.

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This is the tool I use when I need to duplicate/repeat a region of an image so it can be moved, resized etc.

DREAM LIFE by Ryan Lynch

In this video I show you how you can add a sense of perspective to an image. This is useful when you’re designing a presentation. You may want to add extra visual interest or make something more immersive.
I made this on the iPad Air. I’d love to hear what you think and how it


System Requirements For InkOnScreen:

Memory: 64 MB RAM
CPU: Intel Pentium 3 600 MHz
Hard Disk: 3.0 GB
Video: Intel 965AG Chipset, 128 MB AGP
Sound Card: Microsoft SoundMAX or other sound card
Windows: Vista or higher
CD-ROM: Microsoft Windows 98 or higher
OS: Microsoft Windows 98 or higher
Input: Keyboard and Mouse
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB
If you wish to play online games, your computer must have an internet connection.
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