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According to them, they’ve mastered a few things that people didn’t know they could do.

Bark for Help

Bully the dog’s owner when he or she is away. They send postcards to the person’s home that show a picture of their dog and contain important information about the animal’s condition.


In the past, they were thought to be trained only to jump on command, but later studies have shown they can perform several actions, including rolling over and playing dead. They also know how to jump through hoops.

Wobble With Joy

When you hold your dog, he will shake his hips to the beat of whatever song is playing. According to the researchers, “It’s much like human dancing, so we hypothesize that dogs are also participating in a dance with the music.”

No, Please, Eat My Face!

While they don’t understand English, dogs are very expressive, and that includes a form of facial expression that has been classified as ‘blowing kisses.’

Play Like a Frenchie

Before the study was published, many people, especially those with French Bulldog children, thought their dogs had to bark on command in order to play. However, it’s been proved that they can make that sound voluntarily.

Speaking with Dogs

One dog who is fluent in English actually learned a human language from his owner. This has been called “translating,” and it’s been seen in a lab with a Chihuahua communicating with humans in Chinese.

Not so Pretty

While they prefer to be pretty, any type of dog can get stains on their faces. Both liver and chocolate have been found on their faces.

Urinating on Legs

Most dogs can be trained to urinate in a designated place or on command, but one dog has been trained to do both.

Flex, Floppy, or Flick?

Dogs are very expressive, and a video of one dog named Mrs. Duck wiggling in what appeared to be ecstasy has been widely viewed. The researchers showed owners video of their dogs doing this and found that their happiness level was linked to their dogs’ doggie displays.

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There is a solution to the problem that you and your family are facing.In December the New York Board of Elections held a hearing to consider whether to include Christians in New York’s voter rolls.

A video recording of the hearing shows that the hearing was, as it turned out, a sham. That means that the Board of Elections has no intention of re-examining their decision to exclude Christians from voter rolls.

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) who called the hearing said, “The issue at hand is whether, at the very least, we should allow all New Yorkers to participate in the election process,” she said. “The answer is yes.”

“At that hearing,” she said, “a voice was raised for the first time by any New York lawmaker during the entire three-year ordeal.”

Many times here on GATHER.TV we’ve discussed Christian persecution. But I want to take it a step further. While so many people are in jail for their faith, the New York Board of Elections has held a sham hearing to make sure that Christian voters are not allowed to vote.

The board didn’t show up. The only people there were atheists who were pushing to make sure Christians are kicked out of the voting booth.

It’s amazing that Christians are considered second-class citizens in America. And this sham hearing is a reminder of that.

(Image via Shutterstock)


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