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The next generation of Windows Tape Backup.

Using the brand new functionality, users can now perform

Exact time backups

Make Multi-level file backups, just

Create ISO files

Using a new graphical user interface –

Very easy backup and restore

Fast restore for single files

Block level restore




Build the latest version of MP3Recorderer from the source code. Extract the latest version of MP3Recorderer to a folder of your choice, then run the application.

You can move the created C:\mp3recorderer\data\ folder to another drive if you like.

Now it is time to create your backup plan.

Name it and set the time interval of the intended backup.

Enter the default settings of the backup (checkboxes) and click Start to begin the backup.



Run Setup.exe file from a folder to complete the installation.

When it is finished, please click Run again to start the MP3Recorderer.

At the backup configuration window, make sure that there is a tick beside the Save to folder radio button.

Click the Backup button.

Select a drive and click the Next button to the OK button.

Wait a while.

At the finished button.


When you want to restore the data, please click the Restore button.

You can choose a specific backup or a time interval.

Choose the drive and click the OK button to confirm the restore.

After you are done, please close the application.

The job is done.

Try the free preview feature and access all of the features before buying the full version.

The Advanced Tab

The Advanced Tab allows you to view the information for the selected device, view the menu for the selected device, and change the recording options and settings.

Note that the events include buttons that allow you to access the recording preferences, recording options, and recording settings.

In addition, the plugins are assigned, as well as the plug-ins’ memory usage, currently loaded plug-ins, the enabled plug-ins, the plug-ins’ version, and the plug-ins’ settings.

The Plug-ins Tab

The Plug-ins Tab allows you to view the device that is currently assigned

MP3Recorderer Free X64

* This program is designed to help you take voice notes of everything that crosses your mind while working or relaxing at your computer.
* Compress audio files into MP3 format.
* An embedded MP3 player allows you to listen to your notes.
* Built-in timer can be used to time audio recording and playback.
* Control number of line recordings (no limit).
* Auto playback audio files (at regular interval).
* Audio file directory can be setup with naming conventions (MM-DD-YYYY, DayTimeHourMin).
* The program is an easy-to-use utility that does not require any complicated file compression.
* You can customize the time during which audio file to be recorded.
* The player will show the recording time on the top right panel.
* You will also be able to preview the recording time in the player.
* All files created by this program are created in MP3 format.
* A simple, unpolished UI that is ready for immediate use.
* (Comes with) An embedded MP3 player for playing audio files.
* Save/Play recorded audio files as MP3 format.
* No installation needed.

MP3Recorder Multilingual
Listen to and record voice notes of whatever you want to.
You can save your recordings as WAV, MP3 or OGG.
If you are interested in watching over the recordings with an embedded player, you can get it easily right from the program.
MP3Recorder Features:
* No more than 2 days of recording.
* It will save the recording time into the file name.
* No need to compress the files with third-party tools.
* No more than 5 days of un-listened recording.
* No more than 10 days of un-watched recording.
* Record the sound and playback in real time.
* Auto recording in MP3 format.
* Preview and control the recording.
* Preview and control the playback.
* The user can play music in large capacity.
* Export the recording to the audio format of your choice.
* A command line recorder (for Windows OS only).
* A Windows installer.
* A portable version (for Windows and Mac OS X) that can be used with NO MENU.
* No setup required.
* Very Easy to use, no complicated menu or menu items.
* Good

MP3Recorderer Crack+ Download

– Easy to use
– Output to speaker and headphone
– Visualize MP3 files with the built-in player
– Upload MP3 files to your Mp3 player
What’s New in Version 1.2:
* Bug fixes
* New permissions added to change the Storage Access Settings
* Added German language
What’s New in Version 1.2.1:
* Bug fixes
* Added Italian language
* Fixed problems with long names.
What’s New in Version 1.2.2:
* Bug fixes

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What’s New In MP3Recorderer?

■ Easy-to-use, suitable for recording a full-featured memo.
■ Can play the recorded audio from the embedded player.
■ Can save and play MP3 files and all other supported audio format.
■ Generates a new recording for each startup.
■ Adjustable volume.
■ Automatic bookmarking.
■ No recordings are retained if there is no user activity.
■ Remote note-taking function for mobile phone.
■ Supports time shift.
■ You can download it from the Google Play Store here:
■ Apple App Store:
■ Google Play Store:
☆Online Resources:

☆Contact the developers:
You are invited to contact the developer. If you are an experienced developer, you are welcome to open a ticket to develop the application. If you need help with Android app development, you are welcome to contact us.
Want to give a voice to your business on your own mobile device? To announce the opening of a new store? Are you an individual who loves being able to take and playback voice notes when you are driving? Or do you use your smartphone or tablet?
▼Try it now!▼
• Search for “Voice Notes App” on Google Play.
• If your phone supports voice recording, you will find our application.
Trophies won on the Google Play awards, 2014 and 2015 Top Free App Developer of the year awards

MP3Recorderer is a small application designed to help you take voice notes of everything that crosses your mind while working or relaxing at your computer.
Outdated, yet user-friendly interface   
The setup is simple and straightforward, especially since it consists of decompressing the archive. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a rugged and unpolished interface that displays the available features and functions. As you probably already hinted, you require having a microphone connected to your computer in order to make an audio note.
As far as the functionality is concerned, the program is as simple as it looks. To put it simply, you can start recording a memo as soon as you hit the corresponding button. The UI


System Requirements:

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