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The Starry Night Widget allows you to see the sky for any location on Earth.
■ Set your location by ZIP/postal code or by latitude and longitude, and the Widget flips to show a view of the current sky.
■ With a touch of a button, see the sky from all directions.
■ It’s easy to customize your view. Choose to show constellations, the horizon, the ecliptic line, and labels for the celestial sights above.
■ The Starry Night Widget widget refreshes your sky image every few minutes so you are always looking at something new.
■ Yahoo Widget Engine







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The Starry Night Widget by Timeline Widget displays an interactive and colorful map of the sky viewed from any location on the Earth. With a touch of a button, you can easily observe the various astronomical constellations, the terminator, and the ecliptic. In addition to this, you can choose to view the sky from any direction, including the sky over any city.
■ Set the location of the widget by using any of its supported geolocation protocols.
■ Select a sky mask and visualizations options, including the sky background, labels, and constellations.
■ Have a glance of the sky as seen through the location selected by the widget.
■ Choose to view the sky as seen through any chosen direction.
■ Control the frequency of animation to refresh the sky image.
■ Set the time of interaction of the widget.
■ Installation instructions are available at Yahoo Widgets help page:

Publisher Description:

Sky & Weather Widget displays weather info and sky conditions in a small widget which can be placed on your desktop or taskbar. It also displays weather forecast in a translucent grey background. Also available is a tall version, the Skyflipper. Features:

Weather widget

Has a small weather forecast

An icon at the top of the Weather widget with direction indicies

Has a translucent weather map background

Weather data can be toggled on and off

Fun fact: our Skyflipper can glide through the air!
Skyflipper can rise and fly for 12 hours on a full charge.
The weather widget can tell you the weather conditions or forecast. Weather data is updated from Weather Underground’s Forecast.com

A month ago I removed from this site a widget from Yahoo, namely: “realted to weather conditions” that I like very much. After that I’ve searched for the same that I like and found “sky and weather”. I really love it. The improvement is amazing.
– “Horizon” – shows you the position of sun on the sky and the clock (orientation).
– “Constellations” – shows you the eight constellations, where you can select your favorites.
– “Warming” – you can select the direction and season.
– “Sky background” – you can select one of four “

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‘Sky Pin’ is a sky-finding application for the U.S. that connects you to the Universe. It can track the night sky from any location on the Earth. There are currently no options available for your iPhone.
Using Sky Pin, you can then view the location of the horizon, constellations, planets, stars, and more, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You can zoom and pan over the Earth and choose to see any point from any location using your iPhone’s GPS.
What’s New:
* Update to V 2.2.1
* Fix for banner ad crashing the app – V2.2
* Improve navigation.
* Scroll acceleration doesn’t work now – V2.2
Sky Pin Info:
Sky Pin is designed to show the sky from any location on the Earth. It allows you to search for constellations, planets, stars, and much more. Sky Pin can also be used to help track the movement of the moon.
Installing Sky Pin:
Sky Pin is currently available only as a Safari Web Application. To install, you can download the.application file and drag it onto your home screen.
Sky Pin offers no options for your iPhone. If you have any questions, please use the contact form on our website.
See Sky Pin in action at:

Starry Night Widget is a nifty widget that lets you see what the night sky looks like for any location on Earth, and it’s free! The widget will flip back and forth between the current view of the sky and a preview of what it will look like the next time it updates. To use the widget, you will first need to set your current location using your iPhone’s GPS, or by using the widget’s ZIP or post code input.
Then, if you touch the widget, it will toggle back and forth between a full view of the currently visible sky and a preview of what it will look like the next time it refreshes. With a touch of a button, you can then see the sky from all directions.
To change to a different view of the sky, simply touch a different constellation.
The more you look at the sky, the more you see! When you aren’t looking at the sky, it automatically skips to the next update. Because it refreshes so often (as many as 6 times per second!) it allows you to stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing

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The starry night widget app offers to display your location on the sky. You have to choose the location by latitude, longitude, zip, postal code, address or city name.
After selecting the location, the widget displays a compass showing magnetic north and a globe of the Earth with the current location.
To switch to the sky, you have to touch the button at the lower right corner of the screen or touch the small compass in the lower left corner.
If you want to change the view of the sky, just touch the background of the widget.
If you want to jump to a website or an e-mail address, use the same widget app to open the url.
■ This version of Starry Night Widget is a standalone application. It does not require any other application to function.

This file is part of a collection of software solutions from Microtel. This file contains the description of the program ‘Light Blue Sea’ written by Monocle Software.Q:

Is a BSD-licensed project legally allowed to run a setup script in another location?

Say I’m making a project that is licensed with the BSD license, is it against their license to place the build executable in another location than the directory that it was extracted to?


Your question is asking whether a piece of software that claims to be under a BSD license is allowed to require the user to run a setup script to perform a change to the build location from where it was extracted? The answer is, in theory, no. But in practice, I don’t think it will be an issue.
That said, if the setup script asks the user to “type in” their license key, you are likely to cause a mis-understanding of your license. Specifically, if the setup script asks for the user’s license key, I’m pretty sure that would be a violation of the GPL.
(The GPL FAQ article on hardware example suggests that it is still a violation of the GPL.)
If your project is purely software, not hardware, then the above argument isn’t really relevant.

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What’s New in the?

■ Starry Night is a general purpose sky map and atlas viewer. It allows you to quickly find what’s above you with 3D perspective, zoom, and pan.
■ It takes a vantage point near you and shows you the sky overhead.
■ For a multitude of locations, choose a star, star cloud, cluster, planet, or other “celestial sight”.
■ You can pinch to zoom and scroll through the sky.
■ Exact positions are adjusted to the new sky.
■ Highlight any location or scale to pin the view to the current sky.
■ Click and hold on any location to remove it from the list of selected views.
■ Menu items let you load up more locations, change between night and day, and toggle between 14x and 24x transparent resolution.
■ You can also set your location by zipcode, city, lat/long, and a couple of other options.
■ Starry Night Widget will update at regular intervals (or when you open it) so you are always looking at something new.
■ The details of your location can be changed.
■ Click to toggle between the east and west directions.
■ Select and deselect the horizon, selected locations, star clouds, constellations, moon, zenith, and labels.
■ Show or hide constellations and other labels.
■ The view can be reloaded using the Satellite view or the Star view.
■ Configure it to your liking.
■ Starry Night Widget is entirely free!
If you use this, please leave a review!
Also, if you think there’s a location you’d like to see, please let me know!
■ This widget does not show any content, just view the sky.
■ This is not a satellite tracker, nor will it launch your camera or telescope. This app is for viewing the sky only, no photos, video, etc.
Ad Policy:
■ Now, about the ad…
I’m not looking to be rich and I’m not trying to be evil. I just love the fact that this app is free!
If you’d like to support my work, add a Ad, or support my work through Amazon.com, please consider using this link:


System Requirements For Starry Night Widget:

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